How To Move A Piano


It is obvious that moving a piano is not like any other furniture move. It is essential to consider the exceptional dimensions, weight and fragility of this instrument before moving it from one dwelling to another. Therefore, it is interesting to ask how to make the move of a piano happen and to learn in detail about such a subject.

Should you use a moving company?

First, remember that it is always possible to use specialized movers like movers Indianapolis to move a piano. This is a solution we absolutely recommend if you have a heavy piano that is difficult to move or old. Nevertheless, before calling on a piano mover, various precautions must be taken:

  • Only use a company that specializes in piano moving. Unskilled movers may damage your instrument, or not offer insurance tailored to its value.
  • Always have your instrument safe to limit any risk. A professional mover usually offers insurance with his services.
  • Anticipate the move well in advance
  • One, it is better to plan the price of moving a piano well upstream, to prepare your budget. In two, it is imperative to book your moving company well in advance, to be assured of its availability.
  • Remember to compare several quotes of piano movers, to compare the prices of these companies.
  • If you feel that moving the instrument is feasible without specialists, making the move yourself will be a great way to save money. But in this case, it is imperative to take certain precautions.


  1. Difficulties in moving a piano

If you have to learn before moving a piano (whether for a move or to move it from one room to another in the house), it’s because it’s about a very complex object to move.


There are many things to consider before moving your piano:

  • The dimensions of the piano
  • The dimensions of the openings of the room (doors, even windows)
  • The difficulty of access (must we go by stairs? A cramped place?)
  • The weight of the instrument
  • The fragility of the piano.

Moving an upright piano on the ground floor can be relatively accessible, it becomes much more difficult to move a grand piano to the fifth floor of a building!


As any piano can cost a certain amount, not to mention its sentimental value, it would not be to damage it in its displacement.


How to move a piano?

Before moving a piano, it is imperative to be well informed. We will detail for you the different stages of moving a piano, and the precautions to take for such an operation.


  1. Determine the difficulty of moving the piano

At first, you have to determine if the piano is difficult to move or not. Better to check these several months before the move.


It is common that a homeowner does not realize the difficulty of moving his piano, especially when it has always been present in the house. Different elements will allow you to check if the piano can be moved easily or not:


First, check the weight of the piano. Can it be moved by two people? Should more people move it?

Examine the state of the piano. Is it old? What is its value? Is there a risk of being damaged easily during the move?

Then take the piano measurements. Does it go through the main door? Through a window? Should it be dismounted?

Then examine the path of the move. Should we go through a stairway? By the window? Should you rent a furniture lift? Be careful: a piano, even straight, rarely goes through a narrow staircase.

This first step allows you to determine if you can move the piano alone (with your loved ones) or if you have to go through a specialized company.


It also helps you to provide the necessary equipment for the move (belts, furniture lift, truck, crane arm, etc.).


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